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From Obamacare to Bidencare to BobCares

Helping Families Protect Health, Wealth and Assets


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Health Insurance
Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2014 individuals and families, purchasing non-group “Individual Market” health insurance, have found plan selection challenging.  Combining an understanding of personal need, budget and availability of HMO and PPO options will assist in choosing coverage wisely.    
Upon attaining the age of 65 individuals may be eligible for Medicare benefits. 
In cases where an individual is covered by employer group coverage, they have “credible coverage”
and can decide to delay their Medicare benefits with no penalty.
Life Insurance
Life insurance is for the living and meant to protect families and loved ones from financial ruin as a
result of lost earnings.  We are living longer which has made the cost of life insurance inexpensive while the real cost for not having it can be expensive.        
Ancillary Benefits
Ancillary or voluntary plans provide peace of mind in the event a costly treatment is not covered by typical health insurance.  With advances in health care survival rates for catastrophic illnesses are increasing but cost of treatment is also increasing.  Ancillary plans help protect against possible medical bankruptcy.


As a Licensed Georgia Health and Life Insurance Advisor since 2009 I have been focused on the “individual” (non-group) market. This niche has been significantly impacted by the 2014 implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  I have a broad portfolio of health & life insurance options which I do not want clients to need but have if needed. 


The price of Health insurance does not have to be expensive but the real cost of needing it and not having it will be.  In face-to-face conversations (in-person & over the internet), I personalize coverage to address need and budget.  Individuals seeking the protection of health & life insurance have the freedom to choose an agent.  Since 2009 I am proud of my long list of clients and 65 and over or under, know BOBCARES.  I am happy to provide references upon request.   ​

Bob Smith
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  • Licensed Georgia Health and Life Insurance Agent

  • American Health Industry Plan (AHIP) Certified

  • Federal Exchange Marketplace Certified

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About Us


In the 20 plus years I have known and/or worked with Bob, I can think of no one with more integrity and professionalism. Bob is truly a caring and person of knowledge, regardless of what area he is working in. I highly recommend Bob and would encourage you to engage with him.

Paul W.

Bob was able to get our family the coverage we needed at a rate we could afford.

Steven P.

Bob's knowledge enables him to break down the complex decisions about Medicare coverage choices into more manageable pieces and to present options tailored to individual need, without pushing an agenda. I am most appreciative of his work with me which provided me with critical coverage a few months later, when I found myself facing an ER visit and overnight hospital stay with a large array of needed testing. I most highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with health insurance questions.

Suzanne P.

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